Teddy Boy is a Gastro Bar in Connaught Place, Delhi. The Bar is themed around 50s British Teddy boy sub-culture that took inspiration from the Edwardian era and had slim-fit trousers, greased hair, and rock n’ roll music as its defining characteristics. While designing the furniture for the Bar, the core idea was to keep it retro and elegant. The Chesterfield sofas and 50s-themed cushions fit in brilliantly with the Edwardian revivalist theme of the bar making the ambience classic and luxurious.


Our customer is a pretty vibrant individual who prefers simplicity with a dash of colours and décor accessories that tell his story. Keeping in mind his preferences, we designed the house using soothing colours. The furniture focuses on function and elegance while the rest of the décor provides the necessary style. The result is a chic and comfortable Bent Chair home.

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Located in Nehru Place, LOTD Forum has medieval-themed interiors. In line with its theme, we designed the furniture in modernist lines with extensive use of leather. Our furniture gives the interiors a plush feel and accentuates the old-world vibe of the Bar.


Lord of the drinks Meadow is a restro-bar nestled in the heart of Hauz Khas village’s iconic deer park, Delhi. It has a beautiful combination of contemporary indoors and green outdoors.It is inspired from the swiss cottages, and the same is apparent in the woodwork structure and lighting of the indoor space, and the warm feel of the outdoor space. While designing furniture for the bar, the idea was to knit together the outdoors and the indoors with unifying design.We used a juxtaposition of modified versions of Cadena and Slat back chairs to create a fine balance of chic and cosy.


Lazeez Affaire is a restro-bar tucked away in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri area. It is one of the oldest fine dining spaces in Delhi that is still known for its quality of great food. Since the restaurant is frequented by expats and a clientele that appreciates understated elegance, we designed furniture with clean lines and muted tones for it. We chose the Cadena and Lesly chairs with brown leather and grey suede upholstery respectively to add a touch of contemporary luxe to the space


-Our Bent Chair home covered in Platinum Magazine!

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