• The Maharaja Chair

    $5,865.56 $5,572.28
    • Material: Polyester Velvet & Teak wood
    • Colour: Monochrome
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 99*102*111 cm
    • Seat Height: 45 cm
    • Weight: 36 kg

    Overview: Maharaja Chair showcases all that is great in handcrafted furniture. from its intricate Baroque carving to its l’oeil fabric design combined with its luxuriously comfortable cushioning, Maharaja is must have for the connoisseur of home interiors.

    Limited Edition

    By Bent Chair

    EMI at $ 392.93

  • Nayila Chair

    $969.24 $920.79
    • Material: Polyester Velvet & Teak wood
    • Colour: Walnut/ Maroon
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 61*65*79 cm
    • Seat Height: 50.8 cm
    • Weight: 10.78 kg

    Overview: A modern take on an antique Georgian Captain’s chair, Nayila is a superbly crafted low back lounge chair. Exquisitely carved details, brass sabots, and plush upholstery make Nayila an object of desire ideal for any home. Use it as a compact club chair or a desk chair, Nayila offers elegance and comfort.

    By Bent Chair
  • Lamees Chair

    $1,123.16 $1,067.00
    • Material: Teak Wood & Fabric
    • Colour: Walnut/ Turquoise
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 61*66*89 cm
    • Seat Height: 50 cm
    • Weight: 8.50 kg

    Overview: A late Regency style hallway chair, Lamees is a true heirloom piece of furniture. Finely detailed greyhound legs support its Scroll-back seat. The seat is cushioned in a choice of pop colored fabrics making this chair a centerpiece of any setting.

    By Bent Chair
  • Lana Chair

    $665.56 $632.28
    • Material: Steamed Beech/ Lacquered Finish
    • Colour: Gray & Gold / Gray & Pink
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 55*48*90 cm
    • Seat Height: 48 cm
    • Weight: 5.84 kg

    Overview: This regency style carver chair has been given a Boho-chic makeover with its polychrome and a distressed finish. Its selection of fabrics in vivid colors and butterfly motifs make Lana Chair a true show stopper.

    By Bent Chair
  • Maven Chair

    $831.96 $707.16
    • Material: PU leather /Indian Rose Wood /Stainless steel/Wood Veneer
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 66.04*45.72*86.36 Cm
    • Weight: 10 Kg
    • Delivery in 3-4 weeks

    Overview: Grounded in Paul Dupre Lefon’s neo-classicist designs, the Maven is the choice of professionals. Created from Indian rosewood, the frame has a veneered back attached through metal fixings and a PU leather upholstery in a suede-tone giving it an overall formal look.

    By Bent Chair
  • Raani Chair

    $1,247.96 $1,185.56
    • Material: Teak Wood & Velvet
    • Colour: Antique Espresso / Purple & Green accent
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 66*62*88 cm
    • Seat Height: 40.64 cm
    • Weight: 13.76 kg

    Overview: Raani Chair recreates the grandeur of an Indo-Portuguese design in a modern form. The detailed relief carvings, engravings combined with an opulent textured fabric created by 3D printed velvet balances the traditional and contemporary.

    By Bent Chair
  • Rodin Chair

    $873.56 $742.52
    • Material: PU leather /Indian Rose Wood /PVD Coated Stainless Steel
    • Colour: Green & Black
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 58*50*81 Cm
    • Weight: 9 Kg
    • Delivery in 3-4 weeks

    Overview: Inspired by the works of early 20th-century designer Dan Johnson, this one is the classic desk chair. The frame comprises of vein finished dark wooden back and legs with bright stainless steel armrests providing a sharp contrast. The base is upholstered with a jade polyester fabric over a thin layer of foam leaving some generous room for the user to adjust.

    By Bent Chair
  • Shahjahan Chair

    $1,414.36 $1,343.64
    • Material: Teak Wood & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Walnut/ French Blue
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 72*89*107 cm
    • Seat Height: 46 cm
    • Weight: 22.46 kg

    Overview: Sheer comfort and luxury are redefined in Shahjahan chair. Borrowing form and elements from a 19th Century French provincial wing back armchair, Shahjahan brings to life an old world charm in a new look. With its barley-twist legs, arms and stretches carved in high relief design, back covered in an Italian trompe l’oeil pattern and the seat covered in plush velvet, this chair is an unmatched object of beauty and luxury.

    By Bent Chair
  • Shahjahan The IInd

    $1,455.96 $1,383.16
    • Material: Wax Treated Teak Wood/ Polyester Velvet and Carpet/ Beach  Wood/ Flexible Ply
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: W*D*H: 72*89*107 cm
    • Seat Height: 46 cm
    • Weight: 22.46 kg

    Overview: Pure comfort and magnificence, this version of shahjahan chair is filled with quirk factor. Its carved in high relief design and with its barley-twist legs, arms and stretches carving, this chair brings to live an old charm with a twist. It has a back covered in polyester velvet and has a seat covered in velvet speaks of sheer comfort. It has a wax treated teak wood body which makes it an asset.

    By Bent Chair
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