• Rion Sofa

    $2,339.97 $1,626.27
    • Material: Teak Wood & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Grey
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 234*81*83 cm
    • Seat Height: 40.64 cm
    • Weight: 49 kg

    Overview: This Teak wood sofa is an effortlessly blend of classic and contemporary style making it an ideal update in any modern home. With maximised seating space and armrests to lean against it is designed for how you use it.

    By Bentchair
  • Irin Sofa

    $1,299.97 $903.47
    • Material: Indian Rosewood & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 137*59*99.06 cm
    • Seat Height: 48.26 cm
    • Weight: 23.36 kg

    Overview: A contemporary design with a touch of pop which will embellish the decor of your home. With great functionality and looks that will style up the overall appeal of your place, it’s a must have. Enjoy comfort and style together.

    By Bentchair
  • Sini Sofa

    • Material: PU, Dari, MS Legs (Gold finish/Brass Studs)
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 457.2*90*80 cm
    • Seat Height: 40.64 cm
    • Weight: 138 kg

    Overview: It’s a blend of mid-century details along with contemporary and chic design to create a stylish space for your home. Made with PU, Dari it’s durable and strong. The color combination adds to the style of the sofa. The perfect pick if you wish to add style to your home.

    By Bentchair

    EMI at $ 340.27

  • Alayna Sofa

    $1,299.97 $1,039.97
    • Material: Fabric & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 190*103*96 cm
    • Seat Height: 48 cm
    • Weight: 62 kg

    Overview: The beautiful fabric of our Alayna sofa will guide you to an oasis of comfort for your living room. The wood legs, amazing texture along with the polyester velvet all combine to create a sumptuous focal point in this modern sofa.

    By Bentchair
  • Arkin Sofa

    • Material: Polyester Velvet & Steam Beech Wood
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 236*106*92 cm
    • Seat Height: 47 cm
    • Weight: 107.78 kg

    Overview: Create a cosy spot for yourself with the Arkin sofa. This sofa is a great way to add comfort to your living area. With the right mix of functionality and style, this sofa is just made to ease your living.

    By Bentchair
  • BFF Sofa

    $1,299.97 $857.97
    • Material: PVD Coated Brass Finished Stainless Steel, Viscose /Velvet
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 183.35*73.8*68.58 Cm
    • Weight: 32 Kg

    Overview: A minimalist twist to the traditional lounge chair or sofa, the BFF utilizes a brass frame as the skeletal structure. Resembling a fence, the brass grills enclose the foam base giving you the experience of a secure and friendly ambiance. The upholstery has an orange velvet base with a contrasting black-toned rich texture at the back perfectly complementing the austere feel of the grill. This one’s for those lazy afternoons with your best buddies.

    By Bentchair
  • Edgar Sofa

    $1,429.97 $831.97
    • Material: Metal Frame /Brass caps and Leather /Polyurethane
    • Colour: Tan Brown
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 121.92*55.88*78.74 cm
    • Seat Height: 45.72 cm
    • Weight: 28.16 kg

    Overview: Chic and stylish, our Edgar sofa comes with plush leather upholstery. It comes with a broad seating space that makes it easy for one to get comfortably seated. The two-toned upholstery adds visual interest to any space this sofa is kept in.

    By Bentchair
  • Edmund Sofa

    $1,299.97 $831.97
    • Material: Steam Beech and Brass Finials
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 240*84*97 cm
    • Seat Height: 44 cm
    • Weight: 71 kg

    Overview: Discover the perfect luxury and extreme comfort with our Edmund Sofa. Unwind in this inviting sofa made up of Steam Beechwood, which is water resistant and has an amazing finish. The Brass Finials give it a totally contemporary look. Edmund sofa will add style instantly to your place.

    By Bentchair
  • Elijah Sofa (Big)

    • Material: PU, Velvet and Rug Seat
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 248*80*75 cm
    • Seat Height: 45.72 cm
    • Weight: 67.22 kg

    Overview: Feel sheer comfort with the classy Elijah sofa that will embellish the look of your place. The velvet touch to this sofa increases the style statement and the voguish feel of your home. The rug seat is an added advantage. Get comfy and stylish in a go with the Elijah sofa.

    By Bentchair
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