• Rion Sofa

    $2,339.97 $2,339.97
    • Material: Teak Wood & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Grey
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 234*81*83 cm
    • Seat Height: 40.64 cm
    • Weight: 49 kg

    Overview: This Teak wood sofa is an effortlessly blend of classic and contemporary style making it an ideal update in any modern home. With maximised seating space and armrests to lean against it is designed for how you use it.

    By Bentchair
  • Emir Chair

    $987.97 $987.97
    • Material: Teak wood, Multicoloured Fabric, Genuine leather & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 70*65*88 cm
    • Seat Height: 46 cm
    • Weight: 13.12 kg

    Overview: Emir chair brings with itself a touch of class. Made with teak wood, it’s strong, stable and would last long. The perfect finish of the wood and polish makes it even more appealing. Use it at your desk or as an accent piece, it works wonderfully as either.

    By Bentchair
  • The Maharaja Chair

    $4,029.97 $4,029.97
    • Material: Polyester velvet & Teak wood
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 99*102*111 cm
    • Seat Height: 45 cm
    • Weight: 36 kg

    Overview: Live life king size with our Maharaja chair. Made from the high-quality Teak wood, it is very durable and will be the throne for generations to come. It’s a must if you crave for a comfortable seating at your place and the print on it makes it even more appealing.

    By Bentchair
  • Irin Sofa

    $1,299.97 $1,299.97
    • Material: Indian Rosewood & Polyester Velvet
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: L*B*H: 137*59*99.06 cm
    • Seat Height: 48.26 cm
    • Weight: 23.36 kg

    Overview: A contemporary design with a touch of pop which will embellish the decor of your home. With great functionality and looks that will style up the overall appeal of your place, it’s a must have. Enjoy comfort and style together.

    By Bentchair
  • Nayila Chair

    $649.97 $649.97
    • Material: Polyester Velvet & Teak wood
    • Colour: Maroon
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 64.77*60.96*78.74 cm
    • Seat Height: 50.8 cm
    • Weight: 10.78 kg

    Overview: Nayila chair upgrades the aesthetics of any room it is placed in. The color and the polyester velvet brings alive even the muted spaces in the home. It’s the perfect balance between comfort and style. Embellish your home with the perfect Nayila chair.

    By Bentchair
  • Zerina Chair

    $779.97 $779.97
    • Material: PU/ Leatherette /Genuine Leather Decorative patches and Belts / Indian Rosewood.
    • Colour: Gray
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 73*72*72 cm
    • Seat Height: 46 cm
    • Weight: 14 kg

    Overview: Made with Indian Rosewood, this high-quality chair with classical charm, elegant style is a very durable choice. With decorative patches of leather this a great multi-use chair. Comfortable yet stylish, try this Zerina chair to stand out from the crowd.

    By Bentchair
  • Lamees Chair

    $831.97 $831.97
    • Material: Teak wood & Fabric
    • Colour: Blue and Brown
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 66*61*89 cm
    • Seat Height: 50 cm
    • Weight: 8.50 kg

    Overview: This simple and sleek Lamees chair is a comfortable seating option for the living room, dining room and balcony as well. Made with teak wood, you will never doubt it’s quality and strength. The combination of blue and black color makes it a treat to look at.

    By Bentchair
  • Lana Chair

    $519.97 $519.97
    • Material: Teak Wood /100 % Polyester
    • Colour: Gray /Gold Finish
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 55*48*90 cm
    • Seat Height: 48 cm
    • Weight: 5.84 kg

    Overview: With a muted tone body and colorful butterfly printed upholstery, our Lana chair is an artistic piece of furniture that will add a pop of color and plenty of charm to any space it is kept in.

    By Bentchair
  • Raani Chair

    $909.97 $909.97
    • Material:  3D design Printed fabric & Teak Wood
    • Colour: Multicoloured
    • Dimensions: D*B*H: 66.04*62.23*87.63 cm
    • Seat Height: 40.64 cm
    • Weight: 13.76 cm

    Overview: Feel the grandeur and splendor with Raani chair. The detailings in the texture makes it an inviting piece. With a burst of 3D design printed fabrics, this splendid chair is a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. Pair it with your furniture to create a dynamic set up that spells comfort.

    By Bentchair
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