Date : Sat, Jan 09th, 2021
Best interior design trends for 2021; Its time to embrace what’s new

Each year is endorsed by fresh trends & tendencies that eventually dominate the entirety. Change is on the horizon as we stead towards 2021. The year2020 has been an emotionally overhauling year that established the relevance of enliven spaces like never before.  Bent chair has curated complete interior design solutions to lend your interiors a trendy makeover. It’s time to welcome 2021 in full swing with optimism, hope, and latest interior design trends

As we spent more time at homes, the interiors have taken notoriety. Led by rapid rotation in trends & tech, new designs keep emerging based on necessity.  Let’s refashion our spaces with the leading design trends because it’s time to embrace what’s new. Find your inspiration here to accumulate a sprightly vibe at home.

best interior design trends for 2021

Sustainability on the radar

2020 vouched for sustainable designs in both furniture and fashion. sustainability is a premier trend that will massively impact how we furnish our spaces. There’s an increasing shift to invest in quality furniture that is environment friendly. Therefore, we may see lots of pieces crafted with new and unusual materials that have low impact on our environment. Infuse sustainability at your home interiors with Bent Chair.

Go statement

A trend that can go on to elevate any space is the nifty use of statement décor and fitments. The statement pieces harmonize with the minimal design spaces ensuring a touch of opulence to the overall ambience of the space. So, we may expect a shift to furniture and accessories that not just exude luxury but can copiously accent the interiors. Check out Bent Chair’s prodigious collection of statement pieces to enhance your home interiors.

All so organic

Foster proximity to nature by adorning your spaces with the natural and organic materials. This trend focuses on bringing the exterior environment into your space adding comfort and ensuring the modish appeal to your interiors. If you wish to revamp your spaces the classical way, go onboard with lots of organic materials. Bent chair has artfully curated home interiors revolving around natural temporal. 

Earthy tones, please

Particularly popular this season are the earthy shaded interiors. The earthy shades can instantly add depth and texture to your interiors. If you love your environment warm and snuggly vouch for the earthy tones. For a character detailed interior, make sure you go all earthy this season. Don’t miss out on Bent Chair’s home interiors style that wheel around the scintillating earthy hues.

Rustic Style for the Win

Another dazzling trend of the season is the rustic style interiors. The rustic homes are super appeasing. The wooden characters bind this space together. The rustic style has a vintage element to it that can instantly boost the appeal of any space. For a sumptuously timeless affair bring home the rustic style. Have a look at Bent Chair’s Rustic style home interiors for some decorous inspo.


Wallpapers are a buzzing trend this season. A luxurious alternative to the interior wall architecture, the wallpaper plaster can bring about an aesthetic essence to your space. Add a vibrant temperament to your interiors with the luxurious textures and patterns of the wallpaper art. Check Out Bent Chair’s astounding collection of wallpapers to lend your home interiors a ravishing layout.

All about Functionality

Work from home wasn’t an idea as populous until 2020 hit us. This shift led to the evolution of the home office, hence, escalating the need for a multifunctional environment. The trend that appreciates efficacy is functionality in our spaces. Style your interiors for a multi-purpose environment and stay parallel with the trends. Bent Chair has taken functionality a notch higher with its practised interior solutions.

The inspiration of the 2021 trends is effectuated by the exposure to 2020. The upcoming trends reek comfort, serenity, and luxury to ensure renewed energies for a new beginning. Embrace the new in style. For complete home interior consultation get in touch with Bent Chair.