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Metal Line

Metallic Collection

Bent chair’s Metal line endeavors to boast sophisticated and classic design . Our collection ranges from home decor to furniture featuring uber-luxe elements and high minded design. Known for its experimental yet classic chic designs, adhering to our expertise this collection presents us with 304 grade stainless steel surface textured and titanium coated with PVD process, a technique which has only been employed in the eyewear and tableware industry and is being used in the furnishing line for the very first time by Bent Chair.The technique not only makes the product durable, adds an extinguished decorative finish to the product and at the same time makes it a low maintenance asset to our end customer
This series echoes multi-configurative design while employing quality hardwood and metal together in a versatile frame.
Discover a myriad of exciting choices for your eclectic style space.