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3 Foolproof ways to make your home summer ready

The season of warm breeze is here and the sun is all set to boil us from its scorching heat. We think twice before stepping out and rather tend to stay indoors to stay protected from the searing heat rays. But are our homes ready for this change in weather?

Not a complete transformation but every season demand some changes in our home décor. Let’s discuss some foolproof ways to beat the heat indoors:

Summer Makeover

make your home Summer ready Colour Transition:- The first thing you should eliminate to keep the indoors cool is the warm hues of yellow, red, orange etc. Cool tones absorb less heat and give a refreshing look to your interiors and develop a tranquil mood. You should rather use neutral, whites and off-whites for your curtains, upholstery, rug, etc.

make your home Summer ready Make space for the succulents:-Having plants, flowers or fruit centrepieces inside the house has many benefits; it is rejuvenating, keeps the room cool and the aroma of flowers and fruits can never fail to relax you.

make your home Summer ready Cotton over everything:- You can only sustain summers if you introduce cotton to your interiors. Cotton is one of the breathable fabric thus, is perfect for summers. Dress up your sofa, bed and cushions with cotton covers and linen to avoid getting the uneasy feelings while relaxing.

Gear up for the summer season and go by this guide to not let the harsh heat trouble you.

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