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How to create a tiny balcony garden

Only if we can take a retreat from our busy lives, we would go and relax at a place where nature is at its best. But unfortunately we can’t keep holidaying to reduce our stress but an intelligent way to expose ourselves to everyday rejuvenation is to turn our balcony into a green heaven.

Tiny balcony garden

Here’s a list of all the things we can incorporate into our balcony to give it a makeover:

Accommodate a trolley or shelf: Balcony offers a limited space to experiment but we must make most use of that. Bringing a shelf or trolley will help you manage your tiny garden in a tidy manner.

Inject an overdose of green to your balcony: Expose your spaces to the extravagant amount of lush greenery be it faux or real. If you are someone who is interested in gardening then you can have real plants but if you only want to indulge in a tranquil mood you can add a varied range of succulents and faux Botanics to your space.

Make most of the view: Set up a mushy sitting space with stylish outdoor furniture. Indulge in your tea and kick-start the rejuvenation process.

Add dreamy lighting: To add character to the ambiance, add dreamy lighting with bohemian lanterns and candles. You can highlight your planters with fairy lights.

Infuse some wild into the tranquil: you can infuse your garden with handcrafted animal figurines or the Buddha figurines to boost the serenity level of the indoor garden.

Rug flatters space: Rugs can separate your territory from the plants’ territory. Choose a hand knotted rug to define your garden better and you can even choose to sit on it if you don’t want a high seating.

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