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Bent Chair has upped its quirky game by introducing an entire new collection on Wall Art. “In the drive to continuously innovate and provide something meaningful to customers, we’ve launched our Wall Art collection. Wall Art will has been divided into 4 categories namely Contemporary, Quirky, Sculptural and Timeless to offer more value and choice to our customers”- Natasha Jain (Co-founder of Bent Chair).

Bent Chair has partnered with more than 50 artisans, giving Indian artisans and craftsmen a platform for their skills and design.

Wall Art is priced between 12,000-30,000 INR to provide affordable decor solutions for your home and spaces. The collection is now available to be purchased on the website with a delivery period of a week.

Here are highlights from each collection:

1. Contemporary Wall Art

Taking inspiration from the Western Art, Work Nocturn series throws light on visual art, The illuminating effect of natural light reflected on the subject. Here colors like black and grey are used as a symbolic representation, reflecting the mysterious mood of the paintings. The secrecy and darkness of the paintings make it a unique pick to introduce it to your interiors.

2. Quirky Wall Art

The Diamond King
“I am not the king of diamonds. The king of diamonds is merely a manifestation of my second half, Brought on by love and forced away” – Michayla Gussler. This painting by Studio Prints by Digital Alwar portrays the king of diamonds in a beautiful way. This painting will be the king of hearts when put up in the living room.

3. Sculptural Wall Art

Trophy of Growth Series II
This framed WALL ART is made out of waste paper,  and it is uniquely handcrafted by the artist.  It is an original work and can not be replicated as the form is organic. This wall art is protected and coated with a waterproofing hardener. This is piece is from the age of innocence collection, it is created to bring more positivity in one's life!  This is a trophy for every achievement you have faced in life, whether people know it not, you deserve it.  A message from the artist to you, *Leave a Spark where ever you go*

4. Timeless Wall Art

THE VICE-A VERSA by Studio Prints by Digital Alwar is a very colorful and vibrant painting, filled with a deep meaning that symbolizes opposite reflections. The mirror reflection is what has been put forth in this painting.

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