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Bent Reality: Design, Visualize, Shop!

Bent Reality: Design, Visualize, Shop!

At bent chair we believe that every person has their unique style and their distinctive style needs to be executed in the best way possible.While you are wondering how to begin designing your home, where to buy your furniture, decide on the wall of the colors and so much more, we have the perfect easy-to-use tool that is sure to make your life easy.
Well, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and our 3-D visualization tool is born out to help our consumers and interior designers both, to create bespoke spaces and turn concepts into reality.

Bent Chair has always been a trendsetter and a one-stop destination for luxury furniture and decor accessories. And it is now that Bent chair has outdone itself by introducing a revolutionary 3D design tool known as “Bent Reality”, which helps in designing the interiors within a matter of minutes. This house design app allows its users to create a 2D layout, and then visualize it in 3D version. It is followed by addition of products, change in size, colors, finishes and successful checkout. It also enables its customers to explore various design ideas that fit their interior plan until the perfect match is found, and envision a virtual home in 3D, generate stunning photos of your design and offers 360 views.

What is essential for interior design is being able to communicate your ideas clearly. With “Bent Reality”, you can create 3d house design, drawings and professional floor plans so that you can communicate your interior design ideas clearly and professionally.

Customers can visualize and experience the interiors with utmost convenience using this app since Bent Chair designed 3D models for their entire product range. Choose from thousands of Bent Chair furniture and decor accessories. Just drag and drop furniture and materials into the floor plan for correct placement. Accessorize to personalize your design.

You can experience the walk-through in the tool, just like you walk into your house or office. The unique quality of “Bent Reality” is that it is user-friendly and very quick. With “Bent Reality” you can design your interior in less than an hour whereas other 3D rendering software takes at least a week to prepare the render. All you need to do is to sign-up with this tool and then design your own dream home. Also, unlike other software available in the market, this app works on most of the web browsers and it does not require high-end computers to use it.

Useful for both professional and personal users, this 3d interior design software is perfect for you! Get started today and share your project with family, friends, and clients – it couldn’t get any easier!

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