Date : Thu, Feb 27th, 2020
Diablo- A Tale of Colossal Interior Design

With the advent of the new season, Bent Chair is all set to benchmark the hospitality space with its upcoming launch. Towering new achievements in terms of architecture and design, our new project epitomizes craftsmanship. With an interior that is par excellence, the Diablo restaurant boasts of an unmatched style. Revel in the exquisite beauty of this space that is the paragon of interior design.

With attention to the overall theme, every element in this restaurant speaks of a mysterious space. Residing in the heritage area of Qutub Minar, Diablo is a modern Spanish French, European and Lebanese bar. Setting a touchstone in terms of design, the restaurant and bar ooze of excellent interior space. Stylized to perfection, every element in this space speaks of exclusivity.

Justifying the uncanny name, "Diablo" is a demon-inspired restaurant and bar infused with eerie design elements that have been transformed with a modern contemporary touch. Embellished with Gothic elements, the restaurant possesses an illuminated ghost bar adorned with onyx marbles. Further accentuating the ghostly feel, the outdoor bar is furnished with mesh, ghost elements, and bird sculptures.

Set on a heritage place, the theme and certain elements in this structure adhere to the vintage style. Designed in the Spanish Courtyard theme, the restaurant embraces old world charm reflecting a darker side. A heritage site being restored to perfection, this restaurant brings the old worldly charm to the limelight. Streamlined contemporary and elegantly designed, the space is the melange of antique forms and modern vigor. Diablo boasts of modern elements, incorporating Roman column structures, arched windows, bespoke chandeliers, gargoyles, large sculptures, mirrors, intricate mosaic marble tile flooring, etc.

The entire space has been divided into two halves with one side bearing contemporary elements and the other side maintaining the heritage with Roman columns and arches. Adhering to the theme, the restaurant is decorated with 5 different marbles. Brass embellishments can be witnessed in the rich interiors of the space. With a whopping 2600sqft area, the indoor area is adorned with a blush pink palette. The indoor space retains the Roman column arches with wooden openable doors and brass embellishments. Enhancing the overall look, the mirrored bar and ceiling amplifies the style of the bar. In lieu of the spooky theme, wall art portraying the same element is well evident in the walls. Another transfixing detail, an exemplary sculpture is framing the fireplace giving it an enigma like none other.

The indoor being an archetype for interior design showcases mosaic marble tiles curated with five different Indian marble. To attain the desirable effect, Verde green, Crystal Green Onyx, Pink Velancia, Golden Spider, White Staturio, Broda Green, Pink Marble, Oman Red, Yellow Jaisalmer, Wonder Beige and Lady Purple marbles have been used. Each tile is a permutation and combination of five of the aforementioned marbles. Every facet of this mighty space holds evidence of exquisite design. The HVAC system have been placed through a circular tube and has been dressed with velvet fabric which adds to the design element of the indoor area.

The outdoor space with an area of 4200sqft boasts of a ghost bar curated mosaic tiles and exuberant sculptures. This exquisitely designed ghost bar also features an abstract form of the existing roman column design. The boundary wall has been ornamented with metal arches that replicate the existing arched facade. Further enhancing the theme are the sculptures of peacocks, gargoyles, etc. Our designers went to great lengths in retaining the existing trees and bringing them into their design elements. Adding to the overall look of the space is the spectacular outdoor kitchen. Bringing a dash of greenery, intricately handcrafted planters have been used to elevate the style of your space.

Keeping with the theme of the space, outdoor and indoor furniture has been designed for an optimum design outlook. Accentuating the theme, Bent Chair has showcased its latest outdoor collection in this exquisite space. Apart from being weather grade certified, the outdoor pieces boast of a very minimal and sustainable design ethos. With a splash of vibrant hues, every piece showcased in the indoor space boasts of an eclectic form.

Witness the grandeur that is Diablo, with a full spectrum of the spectacular Qutub Minar. Experience the magnificent space curated by our designers and unwind in the unconventional scape.