Date : Fri, Jan 31st, 2020
Explore Luxury With Our Crescent Line

Furnish your living space with modular luxury. Bring home the Crescent Collection and indulge in the world of opulence with the luxe design form. A melange of form and functionality, the Crescent line redefines the very idea of luxury. The exquisite line brings modularity in the domain of opulence. Inspired by the crescent design form, the line is the epitome of style. Giving a twist to the idea of luxe, the exemplary line blends aesthetics with ergonomics.

A study in form and modularity, the Crescent Line redefines the very idea of luxury. The design is inspired by the interconnectivity of geometric shapes as explored in the art of Leon Polk Smith. The idea of tying two separate objects through another circular form has been explored in the line. The pieces in this collection are inter-related through their complementary shapes forming modular crescents.

Bringing the idea of modular luxury, this collection brims with glamour and style. The crescent form, along with the sturdy design makes this line a must-have for any contemporary space. Embellish your space with the exquisite aura of the modular pieces. The Dark Knight Coffee Table along with the Lunula Coffee Table creates an unequaled enigma, making your interiors a statement for the onlookers. Making this collection even more sensational is the Motile Sofa. Best paired with the Voguish Chair, this sofa amalgamates luxury with a mobile aspect. Twisting the idea of opulence, this collection brims with an appeal that is yet unmatched.

Revel in the luxurious appeal of this line and bring the elements of Autumn-winter Trends to your home interiors. The color palette enhancing the oomph of any interior makes it the best companion for any space

Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound, the Crescent Line boasts a statement style. The subdued color palette has been enhanced by the gold accents. Adorn your home interiors with the premium and quirky appeal of this line