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Colorful Interiors That Will Make You Feel Alive

While there's certainly a place for minimalism in interior design, a pop of color can do wonders and transform your home decor completely. Scroll through some of our colorful homes inspired products all featuring bold, maximalist hues, ranging from sunny yellows to pastel blues that would definitely help you personalize your home decor tastefully.

No matter how small or large your room is, it can still look stunning and for that, we have gathered a few home decor tricks:

1. Bright Colors For The Walls:

The warm coral tones, a tint of yellow, blues, white etc not just give you the illusion of a bigger space but set off a neutral palette to play more colors and textures and help you keep up with your quirky side. For a character, adding a pop of color with the textured curtains will make a serene change in the interior.

Note: Do not match your curtains with the color of the walls.

2. Employ trending home decor textiles and colorful fabrics:

If your old furniture and boring walls are cramping your style, you need a major style makeover!!! Transform your dull living room into a chic classic with a splash of colorful textures and fabrics. Pile on a cotton tapestry and soft plush pillows to outfit your retro style sofa. Additionally, you can also turn up the aesthetics of your room with an exquisite Turkish knotted rug. A bold pattern can establish as the vantage point of any space effortlessly. If you think it's too colorful for your taste you can brighten up your home with a range of vibrant and textural accents like lush green planters and assorted wall hangings while keeping your home decor minimal.

3.Sectional Sofa for Small spaces:

It gets challenging and sometimes haunting to decorate when you have a small living space. However, a little effort and research can change your worst nightmare. A carefully chosen Sectional Sofa paired with a colorful pouf would not only save some space but also provide enough seating space. Note: Put a display unit behind your sofa for character and showing off your collectibles and beloved books.

4. Trending Gold For The Win:

Adding gold decor to your home can get a bit tacky or overdone sometimes, so be careful before you end on the wrong boat. Gold Accents are a hot trend right now and luckily we have a lot in store for you. Keeping in mind minimal is chic, glamorize your room using an ornate mirror with gold motifs, gold ceiling lights, metallic furniture, floor lamps etc.Note: A white-gold palette sets a stage for a minimal yet classy look that looks just as seamless as a complete set.

5. Accent Furniture For A Modern Eclectic Home:

If your living space is lacking uniqueness and detail, it won’t be much work to get an extra mile to change that, right? An easy and stylish way to instantly amp up your monotonous interiors can be done by the addition of fun accent furniture.Embrace the interior designer in you and add a big bulky, stylish chair that single-handedly takes over your dull interior. Undoubtedly a perfect and effective way to add glamour and visual interest to your space.

6. Add some flair to your Dining Tablescape:

Furniture and decor go together like falafel and tahini.

How so, you ask? Sculptures, lamps, mirrors, lights etc, every decor accessory acts as an alpha object that anchors any space. But what about dining accessories? Adding quirky to dinner table won’t just level up your style game but also charm your guests. Who wouldn't want that, right?

Give your space more character and personality by mismatching furniture and decor. Go boho, or vintage or classic, let your living space speak your style.

Nothing beats a combination of class and elegance against a flair of modern and colorful hues.Inspired by this colorful season, we have for you, our “Colorful Homes Collection”. Click to discover the complete collection.

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