Infinity Series

Striking an ideal balance between function and poetry, Leo Schlumberger presents Infinity Collection in collaboration with Bent Chair. The designer aspires to introduce sustainable living whilst taking inspirations from Mother Nature, music, artists, and designers from the 90s. Embracing natural components, organic shapes, textures, carved wood furnishing, this premium assortment is the composite of wood, textile, and metal. This unconventional range offers infinite solutions to the patrons wherein one can modularize a space into something that you can truly call, your oasis.

Infinity couch

Inspired by Don Chadwick's designs, the distinct Infinity Sofa sits at the intersection of mid-century and today, with its modular function and versatile design. Style it according to your space using the six elements it comes with.

Style it your way

look that suite your space and theme

Infinity Sofa

Inspired by the form of the 1978 Mississippi Sofa by Pierre Paulin, the Infinity Sectional gives infinite styling solutions like C-shape, S-shape or U-shape sofa. The 6 piece modular sofa set can be used as individual seating or together as a sofa.

Customize it your way

Make your own furniture according to your space and mood with the pieces from our infinity series

Make your

Own sofa

Infinity coffee table

Featuring a modular form, this coffee table is a paragon of ultra-modern design. Chic marble top and artisanal-crafted metal base take a refined architecture stance in the Infinite coffee table.

Customize it your way

Make your own furniture according to your space and mood with the pieces from our infinity series

Make your

Own table

Infinity stone piles shelf

Deriving the design inspiration from the 'Tibetan Stone Piles', the Infinity Shelf features a cavity-like design adorned with red, white, and black Italian marbles.

Infinity shelf

The Infinity Shelf by the designer Leo Schlumberger shows the concept of 'infinity' through its ultra-modern design. The design has been derived from the Tibetan Mani Stones that have long been believed to hold mystical power that aids in this divine manifestation.

Ursula rug

A hand-tufted masterpiece, the Ursula Rug features a design that showcases the underlying concept of 'infinity' in the series. The eye-catching floor accent celebrates the monochrome tones in an abstract pattern that's warm and organic.

Poseidon Rug

The Poseidon Rug exudes an abstract design while the monochrome palette offer an understated and casual elegance. Designed by Leo Schlumberger, this rug showcases eternal style and a cut and loop pile for lovely texture underfoot

Infinity dining table

Sophisticated materials engage with natural elements to shape this elegant dining table. Practical and beautiful, the table features an exotic marble top and the medallions used instead of the traditional legs make this product a truly exquisite piece.

Infinity dining chair

Playing the very idea of equilibrium, the Infinity chair is an engineering marvel. An amalgamation of style and new-age design, this chair is the epitome of creative thinking. The stylish and comfortable seat supports you in all the right places.