Lokalferi line

The inception of the Lokalferi line traces back to the original cause behind Bent Chair. When Bent Chair was conceptualized, the idea was to bring the products of artisans, skilled craftsmen, and homemakers directly to the consumer. We struggled with understanding if we directly listed their products on our platform would we be able to maintain supply and consistency in quality. After months of legwork, we brought together a team of artisans, rug weavers and craftsmen under one roof to create the spectacular Lokalferi line. This is our ode to the traditional Indian craft. We worked hard to retain the identity of the designs and add a modern spin to it. Though it was challenging for us to maintain the intricate carvings, bring modern pop to the product while also keeping a check on quality and detailing, we are thrilled with the result. The Lokalferi line is now available for all of you to enjoy and cherish.

Lokalferi line Catalogue

Lokalferi Chairs

Exquisite chairs that epitomize craftsmanship and design. Revel in luxury with these chic pieces and add to the style of your home interiors.

Lokalferi Tables

A paragon of grandeur and luxury, the tables in our Lokalferi Line redefine the very idea of functionality making the pieces a must-have for every space.

Lokalferi Sofas

Laden with comfort, the sofas in our Lokalferi Line boasts of style and elegance. From streamlined contemporary to modern, find every suitable piece here.

Lokalferi Looks

From contemporary to modern home interiors, find suitable pieces for every space with our Lokalferi Line ensembles.

Lokalferi Combos

Give your home a blend of functionality and aesthetics with the premium and chic combos from our Lokalferi Line.