Quirky, colorful and unconventional; Bent Chair's resin series comprises of seven interesting themes in an amalgamation of bright solid tones driving inspiration from classical timeless sculpture, outlandish animal figurine, lush green ecosystem, and our all-time resin favorites.Famous Five: A take on the renowned sculptures redefined in the best way. Green & Glam: Realistic green mini-ecosystems giving out a natural feel. Calm & Wild: Intense hues and strange animal figurines, infuses a sense of fresh life and soul. Timeless Tales: Classic art, serving as an accent to modern interiors. Mad Mirrors: Unusual and irregular textured frame giving a whimsical look. Bent Chair Furniture Favourites: Classic furniture designs with a quirkier edge. Bent Chair Favourites: All-time favorite classy resin sculptures


Famous Five

Exquisite Planters that epitomize craftsmanship and design. Revel in luxury with these chic pieces and add to the style of your home interiors.

Green and Glam

A paragon of grandeur and luxury, the tables in our Green and Glam redefine the very idea of functionality making the pieces a must-have for every space.

Calm and Wild

Eccentric and stunning decor pieces for your home interiors. Stylize your space with the unconventional pieces.

Furniture Favorites

Striking designs and quirky forms are what defines the furniture pieces from our Discover Resin line. Amplify the style of your home with these picks.

Mad Mirrors

Stylize your walls with the quirky mirrors from this line. Oozing an uncanny style, these are a must-have.

Quirky Favorites

Sensational pieces from the collection that can enhance the look of any given space.

Timeless Tales

Boasting a classical and rich design, the sculptures featured in this collection speaks of opulence and glam.