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Four Common Home Styling Challenges

Four Common Home Styling Challenges:

Are you considering designing up your dream home but don’t know where to start from? Well, to be very honest, designing a home is both demanding and challenging, as it is where you will be making your vision a reality.

In this series, we will take you through some of the most common problems we all face while doing up our home.

Before we begin, you need to answer the question what are the crucial requirements for your project, the architectural style, whether do you want a traditional or contemporary design? And if you have the budget for the home you are wishing to design?

During the process of assessing, you will come across some problems that we will be discussing today.

Buying the right furniture:

Buying home furnishings and decor for your brand-new home means browsing and scrolling over various sites, and a marathon from store to store to find the perfect pick, is daunting. Well, home styling seems easy at first but you know the hustle, right? And even after you decide on what products to buy, there’s still an inner voice screaming if it will look good with the interior?

So before you get off the bandwagon and lose faith, let’s move on.

Understanding the size of your space:

The next factor is the space and what you want and what you need. Determining the proportions to see if the furniture will perfectly fit your space is another issue. A sofa that is too small will leave a lot of space, or if the cabinet will take up all your space. If that sounds like too much effort, understand the scale and layout within a space.

One-Stop Solution For All the furnishing needs:

Designing a home means, buying furniture, decor, artefacts, soft furnishings, well basically everything. And the problem is finding a destination which seamlessly incorporates it all. We all look for a place where we have an opportunity to discover, visualize and shop so we won’t waste trips to the store, or to the post office making tedious returns.

Time Consumption:

Isn’t it annoying when buying a simple piece of furniture takes up your whole week? How many times have you felt a small work is taking three times the length estimated? Well designing a home is no cakewalk. It requires time, efforts, budget and a lot of planning.

There are several reasons, which are freely admitted amongst interior designers and clients (as per our survey), as problems they face every now and then and we agree! If you are looking for a path to solving these design problems, hold onto the mantra that “there is a solution to all design problems”.

And watch this space to unveil the surprise we have for you!

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