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Plum cafe by Bent Chair- an experience like never before

Bent Chair, the home decor and furniture brand has ventured into the hospitality sector with its outstanding project- Plum. Plum will be India's first true retail restaurant which is all set to adorn the cityscape of Mumbai. Through this project, Bent Chair brings a unique concept that offers dining plus retail experience like never before under one roof.

Plum Cafe is a collaboration between First Fiddle Restaurants and Bent Chair which redefines experiential dining. The restaurant offers you culinary delight with a visual treat; the dreamy surroundings will leave you awestruck and keep you gazing around.

Plum by Bent Chair

Essentially, Plum offers you two heavenly indulgences:-

Great Food
The restaurant brings you the whiff of deliciousness from the Far East; the appetizing menu has an interesting spread of signature dishes namely Black Fungus and Bamboo Shoot Salad, Aubergine Fries, Shanghai Pork Dumplings, Thai High Soup and many more. Staying true to the authentic Asian essence, every platter at Plum boasts of fresh ingredients.

What's more? Nutella Sushi, a never-before-heard concept taking a spin on the usual cuisine depicting the brand's quirk quotient!

Plum food
Plum Cafe Food
Plum Restaurant Food
Plum Food by Bent Chair

Plum food cafe
Plum cafe by Bent Chair
Plum in Mumbai
Plum Restaurant

Retail Therapy
Plum offers you to shop while you eat and take home everything in sight, from the crockery, wall art, to furniture. The restaurant is set against an iconic ambiance that’s welcoming, warm and fills one with absolute wonder. This resonant space transcends beyond the concept of an artsy studio into a more integrated, cozy, creative dimension which makes it a stupendous treat to the eyes, indeed.

Plum Look
Plum Look Design
Plum Interior Look Photo
Plum by Bent Chair Interior Look Image

Plum by Bent Chair Interior Look
Plum Interior Look by Bent Chair
Plum Interior Look
Interior Look of Plum

Plum Cafe is opening its doors today and will be open for you to encounter the unreal concept from tomorrow.

Be the first to experience the enchanting revolution of retail with the touch of fine-dine!

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