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Rocky home by Bent Chair Summer Spring collection is now live

Summer Spring Collection

Get the feel of couture into your homes with the eccentric Summer Spring collection, designed by Rocky Star, the famous Indian Designer. This collection exhibits the ethereal Jewel Anthropod and the mysterious Maya collection impressed on furniture and dinnerware accessories.

While the former Fall Winter collection is all about Baroque fashioned motifs and Botanical details laid on the furniture and accessories; this collection displays the intricate checkered patterns in a fashionable manner. The colours are thoughtfully used to craft the products in a way that fits elegantly in any living space.

The collection is about two categories which feature alluring designs in furniture and accessory that can accentuate the décor of your space to another level.

The first collection is Jewel Anthropod collection which comes as a significance to evergreen beauty and a hint of the mystery. With intricate patterns like checkered, harlequin and gems perched on its dinnerware and furniture collection, Jewel Anthropod is a representation of infinity. The products featured under this collection shares glimpses and shapes of butterflies and nature that filters down to plates, runners, mats, and furniture.

This collection will satiate the nature-lover in you. Though fun and quirky, the collection fits elegantly in any living space.

The second is the Maya collection which translates colors and patterns into a juxtaposition of nature's wilderness, suited for the season's vibe. The color palette includes hues of turquoise, nude and deep forest colors, giving the collection an ethereal aura and a glimpse of a poisonous escape. Maya collection features a splendid set of dinnerware, eclectic mats & runners and quirky furniture that flows into your living spaces naturally.

This collection follows mesmerizing patterns and seeps through as a perfect match for an iconic home.

This season let nature run into your home with all its wilderness and beauty to intensify the aesthetics of your space.

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