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Stay style savvy with Bent Chair

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There are many factors, to take into consideration before you take a step towards furnishing or redecorate your home. How do you plan to use the space? What furniture do you want to keep? What do you need to make your lifestyle possible? Especially the living rooms! They are like the perfect pair of stilettos to your plain outfit. A space that reflects your style, as well as the first impression you make. It's not just about getting the right look, but you have to account for good functionality as well. Things need to be planned ahead according to your personal preferences and comfort. 

Are you that somebody who is confused and clueless on how to go about decorating your living room? Well, worry no more. With Bent Chair’s wide collection of home decor products, we can guarantee that you will find what you have been looking for. Bent Chair's Living room sofas are a must have for comfortable, stylish and a perfect sitting solution. Our sofa ranges from luxury to exclusive and exclusive to premium. There is end number of colour option, wood quality, and materials available for your living room.

The Savoy Sofa- A grand look for your living room with handmade precision in high-grade teakwood and button-tufted upholstery giving the guaranteed cosiness, relaxed comfort and a classic look. The sofa has slender wide arms with brass accented legs giving it an even more attractive look. No doubt that this chair will be your perfect Sheldon spot. This sofa is a perfect combination of classic luxury that will only increase the beauty of your living room with time.

When your sofa is a charm your coffee should be even more remarkable.
The Horton coffee table is one of our collections that is an excellence of craftsmanship by our designers. This centrepiece with a pristine white marble table top with a stainless-steel frame is charming as well as easy maintenance. This table combination goes perfectly with the Savoy sofa and when they set up in your living room, the whole place will become lively.

It is believed that “your style is your statement” wise choices go a long way. So in case you are looking for some good change and selection contact us at

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