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Bent Chair wishes you happy Fourth International Yoga Day

With the fast pacing lifestyle, we tend to ignore our health, therefore exercise becomes an imperative for a healthy lifestyle. We support the initiative of celebrating the yoga day proposed by our honourable Prime minister, Narendra Modi back in 2015. We are enthusiastic about creating awareness on this fourth International Yoga Day through our alluring products.

Bent Chair is passionate about designing and creating innovative furniture and home décor. With the same passion, Bent Chair celebrates the International Yoga Day by launching a striking range of yoga figurines and sculptures that will not only beautify the spaces but act as a reminder and motivation for people to be fit and healthy.

International Yoga Day

Pushing yourself to exercise or to do physical activities is a task for those who aren’t aware of the innumerable benefits of exercising. Talking about exercising, yoga is the ancient Indian way to keep oneself fit inside out and when you get to create a charming exercising zone in your home with these astonishing yoga figurines, you are left with no excuse of holding back, right?

These quirky yoga figurines depict multiple yoga poses. Indulge in this fashionable yoga collection by Bent Chair:-

Yoga Pose 1) Yoga Flower Girl Pose 1 depicts the Monkey pose (Hanumanaasana). Enjoy the unbelievable health benefits of doing this pose.

Yoga Pose 2 2) Yoga Flower Girl Pose 2 depicts the Cobra pose (Bhujangaasana). This pose relieves chronic constipation and improves digestion.

Yoga Pose 3 3) The Yoga Flower Girl Pose 3 depicts the Raised leg pose (Uttanpadasana). This pose improves stomach disorders.

Yoga Pose 4 4) The Yoga Flower Girl Pose 4 depicts the Seated Spinal Twist Yoga Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana). This pose relieves the tension in the muscles..

Yoga Pose 5 5) The Yoga Flower Girl Pose 5 depicts Heron Pose (Krounchasana). This pose extends your back, hamstrings and hips.

Who needs an exercise companion when you can have these sculptures! Pledge to make Yoga your way of life this Yoga day. #HumFitTohIndiaFit

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