Date : Thu, Jan 21st, 2021
New home, get us on board, Know-how?

Wanting to bring comfort, style, and warmth in your new home? Are you having a hard time choosing within the abundance of interior styles that will flaunt your personality?

Search no more!

Bent Chair can help you with decorating your home sumptuously. We offer the best solutions for all your home décor problems. You can choose from lots of options, styles, and inspirations. The process is very easy, you just have to get us on board. 

Knowing about Bent Chair

Bent Chair is the next generation décor solution co-founded by seasoned industrialist Mr. Neeraj Jain and a master degree holder in management science engineering Natasha Jain. With the best of their aesthetic and envisioned minds, the company is thriving. The lots of options, catalogues, and looks make people fall in love with the idea of fine décor.

All of the manufacturing happens in the art facility outside Ambala, India. It is a huge place where everything is taken care of. Fine woodworking machinery, with enough space for storage and assembly. 

Choosing easily from the abundance of interior styles 

The overall job of choosing the beautiful and inimitable style for your home is hard. There are lots of options if you began to see any home décor catalogue or start to rummage the internet. Bent Chair makes choosing from the abundance of best interior styles easy. It can be thematic, inspirational, or even pick out the incorporating pieces suiting your lifestyle. Go to the website, and the lavishness of it will make you click on ‘Book Your Design Consultation

The styles are segregated in a way that can help you make a choice. Choose from various options such as luxury, trendy, leisure, designer, and modern homes, etc. These were just a few, explore more on the website. 

 Art Deco from Luxury homes has aesthetic and attractive furniture with full of glamour, design, and functionality. The brave geometric and exotic designs can bring lively vibes to your homes, popular in the 1920s and 1930s. 

 Coastal from leisure homes is the ultimate solution for your getaway home. The sensation of perfect dream weekend home is quite natural, cosy, and bright. The coastal styles décor flaunts your style in a clam way. 

Simple and sophisticated contemporary from trendy homes is the mix of styles and eras. This option of sophistication and minimalism will make your home fashioned with streamlined designs.

 So, these were just a few categories, but if you rummage the catalogue of Bent Chair, everything starts to look mesmerizing and breezy.  

 Shop Bent Basic 

It’s now or never with Bent Chair’s Bent Basic. You can ge affordable homes with the same passion at just Rs 99999 per room. The furniture setups in Bent basic is quite pocket-friendly which will help you setting up your home stylishly. The mantra of ‘less is more’ is met in the Basic Scandinavian design introduced by Bent Chair. It embodies minimalism with a sophisticated colour palette of natural elements.

 Blending fashion and décor 

Bringing fashion in your homes is a vision that Bent Chair shares with the creative minds of Rocky star and Shivan & Narresh. The team of Bent Chair brings you the ultimate line of fashionable décor. Fashion is something that every woman embodies with passion; so Bent Chair will bring your home closer to all the aspects of blush, colour, and simplicity. 

Shivan & Narresh homes are putting forward the neo-tribal collection where the rustic chic and modern design forms are amalgamating together.

Rocky Star Homes flaunts luxury and extravagance in the right way. The blend of high-grade construction and contemporary style is worthy of having the regal experience.  

 Take a look

Plum by Bent Chair and the catalogues provided on the website will give you the idea of how Bent Chair works. The Ultimate 3D designs and the splendid interior design of Plum by Bent Chair in Janpath and Aerocity will make you feel confine about the company. Apart from these spectacular ways, Bent Chair has the studios where you can feel the lustre; something that can come into your new home soon.