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Shivan & Narresh Homes

Blending the elements of rustic and modern design forms, Shivan and Narresh presents a neo-tribal collection for Bent Chair. The visual language is derived from the print of their Fagun collection and is inspired from the form of an udder. Amalgamating the worlds of ethnic and contemporary, this collection redefines the aesthetic of any modern home interior. The raw charm along with the folk appeal, creates an unmatched elegance for any space.

Rocky Star By BentChair

Defining the quirk quotient, Rocky Star presents a high fashion home decor line in collaboration with Bent Chair. The collection showcases his watermark designs as well as a baroque and chic botanical pattern in vibrant hues. Get the feel of couture into your homes with this eccentric line. Bent Chair is bringing avant-garde home decor one collection at a time.


Taking a leap into master craftsmanship Bent Chair has collaborated with established Indian artist Mukesh Sharma, an expertise in the art who has exhibited in various spaces across the world which have added magnitude to his expression, in making a 7 ft long resin sculpture. This extraordinary installation has been named " Nagadhiraj" by our Hon'ble Minister, Smt Sushma Swaraj and was showcased at the Luxury League Symposium, a global platform for chosen brands who are making outstanding products in India.

PLUM By BentChair

Plum by Bent Chair is pioneering concept of collaborating classic furniture with delectable food for the first time, where everyone is welcomed to a live interactive experience with all the Bent Chair products in an artful and engaging ambience .