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Plum Restaurant Delhi

Food Therapy

Bringing together the two utmost pleasures of life, Plum offers you an enjoyable fine dining experience along with a live interaction with all Bent Chair product ranges, from chairs to plates and what-not. Every element that constitutes the aesthetic space is displayed for retail. It’s real and it’s enchanting.

Retail Therapy

Devour your gluttony at Plum, India’s first experiential dining retail restaurant brings you an outstanding food menu that dons the best in Pan Asian cuisine. Don't just extinguish the craving of your taste buds but satiate your appetite for beauty through tempting Bent Chair products at Plum Cafe.

Great Ambiance

Experience sheer delight by being in a space which is an epitome of charming decor and gourmet food. At Plum cafe, you are introduced to delectable food platters along with irresistible Bent Chair Products so, by the time you finish digging, you settle for the products you want to take home.