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Diwali Carnival Sale – Celebrate Diwali Like Never Before!!

The festival ushers in a period of merriment, a time to revel in family gatherings, dress up fine and gorge on scrumptious food. An occasion of pure wonderment, colorful fireworks dazzling the sky and immersing in the festive hues. Well, this is one part of the Diwali the other part is buying and gifting.

Diwali Carnival

What auspicious time than Diwali to refurbish your home, buy a new home, commence a new business etc. And if not that, the customary gifting tradition that keeps us all hovered to various sites to get a practical yet unique gift, right?
We at Bent chair understand the struggle to find the perfect gift for Diwali or stylish interiors for a new home in the budget. Well, relieve your stress because we have just the right options for all your furnishing and decor needs.

Also, we have an early Diwali surprise for you! Get flat 15% off on all luxury furniture and 25% off on all the decor products. This Diwali doesn’t let a budget come your way; shop your heart out with Bent Chair’s exclusive offer.

We rounded up some of our favorite products that we are obsessed with. Also worth mentioning, our products from the new Metallic Collection will swoon you off your feet.

  1. David Sculpture- This quirky sculpture is from our very special resin series 'Famous Five', depicting the famous work 'David' by Michelangelo. In a calming solid green tone with a glossy texture, the sculpture will be an amusing addition to your home.
  2. Mayor Chair- Experience sheer comfort on the exposed wood frame and an angular backseat. Constructed of steam beechwood, upholstered in a bold red polyester upholstery with elegant brass accent legs, our 'Mayor Chair' has an elegant look. This winged chair with its delicate curved arms set will surely give you all the luxurious feels.
  3. Cupid Lights:- The cupid hanging light gives a dose of quirk suited best for a contemporary space. Boost the brightness in any ensemble with this budget-friendly decor accessory.
  4. Card Holders:- A practical yet aesthetically fancy gift, these cardholders will anchor your desktop with an artful appeal.
  5. Leaf Coffee Table:- Personalized with modern design and whimsical silhouette, The Leaf Table by Bent Chair embraces the serene nature and exudes brilliant design and optimal versatility. The resin matter underneath the gloss veneered top flaunts serious a la mode design. Statement-making by its separable front, that can effortlessly outclass any end table, this is a potential classic.
  6. Eclipse Coffee Table:- The celestial inspired coffee table boasts modern aesthetics and outlandish design. The sturdy golden base perfectly blends with the beveled glass top making it a timeless piece.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in the Diwali Carnival Sale and start filling your shopping carts with stunning products.

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