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The brief of Dragonfly Experience was to create a high-end restaurant and bar that strikes the imagination and brings together the best of all the worlds, be it interior, food or music, all together offer an urbane and sophisticated experience. 


Our designers started working on the project with the aim of providing a high-end facility which reflects the spirit of both a lavish dine-in restaurant and a great place to party.  Design and project planning needed to create an aspirational influence. The place is beautifully divided into three levels ( two bar counters and one private section), and we left no stone un-turned in creating an entertaining restaurant & bar. To live up to the brief and blend to the fancy environment, tints and shades of yellow, red, black and gold have been used. The key elements are the flowy Dichroic pattern on a siporex wall, the themed wallpaper, and a ceiling full of dragonfly lights. To top the touch of quirk and opulence, an arthropod light wall and baby face lights are used, which are sure to catch your attention on your very first step inside the space. For the interior, we went for our accent furniture like Shahjahan Chair, Rocky Star’s Anthropod Sofa, Elixir Chairs, Ricks Bar Chairs and exquisite marble tables. Unlike other fine dining places, Dragonfly Experience provides a more relaxed, astonishing, guest-focused lodging experience. Enlivening the space is the contemporary choice of furniture, unconventionally designed lights, adding fluency to space’s blend of classy and quirky.