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Get onboard India's designer furniture and home decor brand. Be a proud partner of Bent Chair's premium products and come under the plethora of our luxe collection. Adding to our portfolio are the collaborations with the leading design houses. Amplify your reach to the audience and cater to every home interior need with the exquisite and strikingly engineered products.

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india's finest online custom furniture store

Affiliate with us and let your business flourish. Bent Chair’s manufacturing and creation is done after detailed research into what’s the latest interest in the market and association with us will give your business a whole new arena to explore. Fill in the details and we will connect with you shortly.

why choose us

Wide range
Cater to your audience with Bent Chair's premium and exclusive products. Our designer pieces will add an alluring aspect to any space.
Get access to our data
Add to your existing audience with Bent Chair's exquisite pieces. Our designer products bring an exemplary twist to any space.
Our own manufacturing
Every product in Bent Chair’s collection has been designed, prototyped and manufactured in India. With the motto of Make In India, our products are sure to carve a niche segment of the audience.
Support and guidance
Get assistance and support from the Bent Chair team. Find support from our team at every curve of your business.
trust pay
Trust we dn't miss use your any personal detail with any one.
make in india
Proudly designed and manufactured in india
Quality assurance
Each product in our assortment to your space enduring world uality