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How to use the 3-D Visualization Tool- Bent Reality

Bent Chair provides an online floor plan and home design solution that allows you to create floor plans, place furniture and decor, adorn your space, visualize your design in impressive 3-D and take a live 3-D walk-through. The tool also lets you take stunning 3-D Photos and 360 View. The solution is packed with loads of features for both professional and personal users. Start Designing Your Space:

With 3-D visualization seamlessly incorporated into the shopping experience, you have the opportunity to design, visualize and buy home furnishings easily without any hassle. See how the products would look in your space, then add products to the cart and checkout securely with just a touch,

Closing the gap between ideas and reality to let you confidently explore, experience, experiment and share your designs that could change any space. Bent reality lets you drag and drop “place” furnishings in your room. From sofas and tables, rugs and paintings, our 3-D visualization bent reality lets you virtually design your space and true-to-scale so you can make sure they’re just the right size, design and functionality for your room.

  1. Start by logging in/ creating your account
  2. Create walls as per your space.
  3. Change floors and wall color as desired.
  4. Place furniture and decor
  5. Move, delete, edit any of the above by simply right-clicking on it.
  6. View your space in 3-D
  7. Take a walk through.
  8. After you are done, take a screenshot of your space. Share it with the world!

This tool lets you save both time and money and lets you execute your imagination and ideas in the best possible ways. Since now you can see how exactly your space will look, its time you start designing.

For a better understanding of the tool, play the given video. Happy designing!

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